Multi-Sensory Baby Toy - PlayTime™

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Multi-Sensory Baby Toy - PlayTime™

Multi-Sensory Baby Toy - PlayTime™


Improve Your Child's Brain Development! 

Experience an enjoyable and enriching childhood as your baby engages in hours of playtime with this interactive toy that both stimulates and fosters their development.

Elevate your child's motor skills through the power of sensory play!

Introducing the ideal toy to ignite their skills and foster development in areas such as autonomy, motor coordination, and independence.

Ignite your baby's curiosity and fuel their imagination with the textured strings that can be effortlessly pulled back and forth. As they explore the various sounds and vibrations created, their senses will be stimulated, fostering a world of wonder and imaginative play.

Soothe Teething Discomfort with Safe Silicone Toy!

Relieves the baby's discomfort during teething, calms the baby's emotions to let him chew - it's made of high quality silicone, NON-TOXIC, which is safe and durable, and it will help soothe their pain.

Make travel and outings with your baby an absolute breeze with this perfect companion!

Designed to be easily portable, this sensory toy ensures that your little one can experience heightened joy, entertainment, and playfulness on the go.




  • Age: 3+ months
  • Material: BPA-free, Phthalate Free, Food Grade Silicone
  • Included Items: 1x  3-in-1 Sensory Baby Toy - PlayTime ™

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