Knead Relief Pro with Heat and Red Light Therapy

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Knead Relief Pro with Heat and Red Light Therapy

Knead Relief Pro with Heat and Red Light Therapy


Struggling with joint pain?

Tired of joint pain, swelling, or aches?

  • Ease Knee Discomfort Quickly: Our 3-in-1 Knead Relief Pro includes Red Light Therapy, Heat Therapy, and Massage Therapy to relax tight muscles and create temporary support for minor joint stiffness.
  • The KneadRelief Pro 3-in-1 Knead Relief Pro might be the answer you're looking for.
  • It integrates Red Light Therapy, Heat Therapy, and Massage Therapy to help boost local blood flow, ease tight muscles, and provide temporary relief from minor joint discomfort, aches, and stiffness.
  • The best part is, you can use it on your own, from the comfort of your home, without expensive visits to doctors or physical therapists.
Elevate your mobility

More than a knee massager, Knead Relief Pro was designed to maximize your mobility, relieve knee discomfort, and improve flexibility, so you can do more and live better.

Heat. Vibration Massage. Infrared. Light Laser.

Combining advanced technologies to give you the comfort you deserve. Easily control heat, vibration, red light and laser light recovery features with a simple touch.

Tackle knee discomfort anywhere.

KneadRelief Pro is cordless and lightweight. Take Knead Relief Pro with you on any adventure and make zero compromises on how far you go.

Key Features

Soothing Heat
Boost blood circulation and relax those tensed muscles, bringing immediate relief to soreness and stiffness.
Temperature range: 105-140F

Powerful Vibration
Enhance circulation and diminish inflammation, paving the way for a quicker recovery.
Auto - Low - High

Infrared Light
Dive deep into the tissues to expedite the healing process and minimize pain.
Effective 670–680nm Red Light

Laser Light
Champion cell regeneration and curb inflammation, focusing on delivering relief precisely where you need it.

Technical Specifications

8" x 8" x 6"

1.5 Pounds

3000 mAh - Up to 120min


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