Ultra-Soft Baby Lounger®

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Ultra-Soft Baby Lounger®

Ultra-Soft Baby Lounger®


Portable Newborn Sleeping Nest Bed

Ultra-Soft Baby Lounger® is perfect for co-sleeping, with ultra soft materials and comfortable edges for a cocoon effect. It helps reducing startle reflex and the baby can play, rest and nap comfortably.

Organic, non-toxic, breathable fabric
Loved for tummy time
Perfect for sitting up support
Dimensions; 33 in long, 20 in wide 
For babies 0-12+ months

What is the Ultra-Soft Baby Lounger®  for?
The Premium Baby Lounger® Lounger is uniquely designed to hug your baby's body and create a safe space to play. The Lounger can also be used for tummy time, sitting up support and actively engaging in play.

It comes with a fitted head support that prevents flat-head syndrome by evenly distributing the pressure on skull. The adjustable leg support roll raises the baby's legs into a natural fetal position that soothes baby and also help with digestion, breathing and colic.

What are Ultra-Soft Baby Lounger® made of?
The outer shell is made with 100% organic cotton, a non-toxic and safe material. The lounger is filled with polyester fiber.

How big is the Ultra-Soft Baby Lounger®?
The Premium Baby Lounger® measures 33 x 20 x 4.5 inches.

Can I wash Ultra-Soft Baby Lounger®?
Yes, our loungers are all machine washable!

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